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ShadoWhisperS was formed in 2009 and after a lot of line-up changes, some recorded demo tracks in their rehearsal room, released their first official EP „A tincture of Gothic Fiction“ in January 2017. 

Their first video-clip to the song "Slow Death" was released in Mai 2017 (2nd place of the Viewer‘s Choice awards at the Video Clip Awards Luxembourg 2017). 

From 2018 to 2002, ShadoWhisperS were on 4 Samplers: „Imperative Music Compilation“ Vol 14 and Vol 17, as well as on „Finest Noise - Der Luxemburg-sampler)“ and „Action culturel Sacem“.

ShadoWhisperS recorded „Mara“ from 2018 until 2019. The album covers dark thoughts, dreams and nightmares, horrifying, unpleasant, sexual as well as healing ideas of our subconsciousness.

During the pandemic, ShadoWhisperS began to write new music and the songs evolved into a concept album about Edgar A. Poe’s life and works. The album "Poe" was recorded in 2022 and will released on streaming platforms. In April, the music of the album can be found in the mediabooks „Edgar“, containing one chapter per song. The mediabook will be available in 2 versions (german / english and french / english). Both the album and the mediabooks are part of the project „Don’t be Poe!“




ShadoWhisperS is symphonic metal with a tincture of gothic fiction.

It's emotive darkness that tells epic tales of the battle between light and dark, inner struggles and of course life and death.

Though ShadoWhisperS may have an ethereal, otherworldly spirit, many find that the words spoken and melodies woven are closer than they seem.

We are shadows that whisper truths, and seduce into taking off the blindfold.


Diane - vocals

Sonni - guitar

Laurent - keyboard

Piquet - bass

Mot – drums

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